Renewing our strengths to strengthen and heal our Earth

One of Earth’s remarkable gifts is the cycle of life that Nature regenerates.  In a sense all Life recycles.  All life–including human life, from dust to dust, recycles.

Metaphorically, a kind of recycling is revealed as the Earth rotates, and sunrise lights each day; moonrise brightens night.  Such a natural reality can boost one’s spirit of renewal.  At this time, the week of the People’s Climate March, Flood Wall Street,  the UN people’s summit and momentum on the divestment from fossil fuels, individual and collective strengths have been revitalizing.  In community our
strengths abound, our individuality shines.

Deepening actions and taking new actions to live in healthy and humane ways, loving and honoring each other and all creatures of Earth’s biosphere enable us to breathe anew.

15312539402_9d01cb6ff3_zAs people marched, stood up, spoke out and sat-in, a sense of ourselves rose as citizens of the world and fellow creatures of the biosphere.



At home in our daily lives what does that look like?  When we have choices to make, what do we choose to do?  Take the time to walk a mile instead of driving it.  Listen to the birds; feel the breeze or heat as air sensations.  Greet a neighbor.  Turn from Facebook to a real book.  Read in solitude, to a child, with a group.   Plant a seed, a sunflower, a tree, a garden.  Cultivate with others.  Remove a lawn.  Refresh reuse with imagination.  Ask, “Do I need to buy this thing?”  Buy local.  Help create a restoration.  Build a  local economy based on restoration, learning, service.

There’s much to do and we have the power.  It’s the power not the purchase that marks our freedom.  That’s the strength we need that in turn can strengthen and heal Earth, Mother Earth.

It’s time to express ourselves by enacting humane, ecological habits of being.