SunsplashA luminous 2013 New Year commences, and the year’s sunrise illuminates a creativity to stretch as a human being on Mother Earth, caring more extensively with compassion, imagination and understanding for each other and our natural communities—fellow creatures of the biosphere.  Energizing and strengthening humanity, living consciously to generate and regenerate biodiversity enliven our health and wellbeing.

In the opening canto of Dante’s Inferno, in the trembling wake of doubt and fear, the poet sees his midlife journey carrying him into a dark forest that opens to a foothill path, whereupon, he envisions:

            I looked on high and saw its shoulders clothed

            already by the rays of that same planet

            which serves to lead men straight along all roads.

In Italian, the song beats as a wide-opening heart:

            guardai in alto e vidi le sue spalle

            vestite già de’ raggi del pianeta

            che mena dritto altrui per ogne calle.

To lighten the spirit and paths ahead, each and every sunrise can lift a weight from one’s shoulders, a kind of chain mail that heavily clings to a body to ward off blows and throes of private or public mistakes, uncertainty and insecurities.

From climate change and diminished biodiversity to economic inequality and social injustices, from a culture of violence and destruction to crony capitalism and greed, we can emerge by seeing ourselves anew and our home-planet anew.  Stretching beyond typical expectations and routine habits of progress and material aggrandizement, we can open ourselves to the myriad possibilities of creating an eco-nomy” that generates and restores the intricacy and grandness of our natural communities.

In those realms grows our creative confidence and humility that move with confronting who we really are—souls who breathe in and because of the wonders of Mother Earth’s Nature.