Paying for Our Carbon Footprint Saves Us

How much does our carbon footprint cost?   It is time for us to be honest and put a price on carbon, the use of which spews CO2 into the atmosphere.  Not paying attention to what that pollution costs our climate, natural ecosystems, public and personal health, and future generations causes huge problems and fosters a lie that the quality of life is currently improving.  

For real progress, a growing movement, including, Dr. Jim Hansen, Director, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the world’s leading climate scientist, is calling for a carbon tax.

What is a carbon tax?   According to the folks writing at, simply put it:

A carbon tax is a tax on the carbon content of fuels — effectively a tax on the carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels. Thus, carbon tax is shorthand for carbon dioxide tax or CO2 tax.

Unlike what we might first think, it is actually more expensive for us not to pay for the CO2 our industry and lifestyles emit into the atmosphere.  Listening to Dr. Hansen relate the ingenious idea of a refundable tax that could reduce our fossil fuel use by 30% in ten years stimulates the possibility of being responsible for how we move in and impact the real world.

Paying for our carbon footprint saves us.


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